Diana Delgado

Tricklock's Diana Delgado

Tricklock's Diana Delgado Diana is a performance artist. She inspires exploration with site specific, durational and large morphing, stretchy bag performance. Shehas beena member of Tricklock since 2013, most recently touring through Poland and Ukraine, as well as helping to organize the Revolutions Festival. She also works with Emerge to organize events to promote the arts. Diana is the visionary behind “So this is Art,” an ongoing group performance piece that uses zucchini and shrimps. She also collaborates often with other local artists such as D.R.Y. M.T.N, Graft Collective and ‘Man or Triangle.’ Diana studied Clown work and theater and received a B.A. in Fine Art. Most recently she has been performing aerial acrobatics, on stilts and in surreal pieces that may include sausage rolls. She is also an expert in hair care and loves her dog/ mayoral candidate Mila.

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