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Global Corridor opens doors to cultural exchange by connecting people and humanizing world affairs through the art of theatre. We believe that exposure to world cultures through the medium of theatre increases mutual understanding, inspires change, and empowers individuals to improve the overall quality of life for all people. Tricklock Company’s Global Corridor is comprised of several programs which utilize live theatre as a vehicle to explore and engage in diverse experiences and perspectives, creating a stronger global citizenship and healthier communities around the world.

    • The Revolutions International Theatre Festival connects communities by bringing a broad scope of global theatre to New Mexico, creating a cultural and artistic fusion. The festival is comprised of performances which expand the theatrical possibilities for all New Mexican citizens, regardless of socio-economic class or background, workshops which aid in the dissemination of new forms and ideas on theatrical training and creation to the established and developing artists of New Mexico, and community events with a forum for cultural exchange and dialogue that might not otherwise reach our state.
    • Global Corridor Education opens the doors to educational programming that impacts on a local and global level, including The Dely Project, a cross-continental collaboration connecting youth theatre artists from around the globe. It joins members of Tricklock’s summer internship The Manoa Project with theatre students from the University of New Mexico to forge relationships internationally with artistic peers from outside of the United States.
    • International Residencies which includes Performance in the Peripheries, an initiative in partnership with UNM, that produces encounters between global and local artists, activists, and scholars through residencies, workshops, public dialogues, and performances. The Nile Files is an ongoing project between Tricklock and Ndere Cultural Center in Uganda creating a digital archival library of Indigenous dance. The Global Corridor podast is a podcast dedicated to connecting with artists around the world. Listen to the podcast now!