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The Package Play

Created and Performed by Katie Farmin

Package Play is ready for delivery on July 10th, 2020

A social distance performance about loneliness.

How can we be alone together?

You receive a package.

Put your headphones on.

Open it.

Take out the objects.

Look at them.


Maybe you will surprise yourself.

Alone and together, we journey.

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Associate Producer and Digital Management by Bridget Dunne

Audio Editing by Aaron Hendren


written and directed by Erik Ehn and performed by Tricklock Company and Duke City Rep

A new play about the precarity of the refugee and the revolutionary hopefulness of intentional communities. Our production is a collaboration with the Wilbury Theatre Group in Providence, Rhode Island and will take the form of a silent film, live voiced/scored as part of the providence fringe festival, July 2020.

Founded in 2014 by The Wilbury Theatre Group, The Providence Fringe Festival®, a.k.a FRINGEPVD, is produced to nurture emerging and established performing artists by presenting fun, fearless and affordable theater to the community.


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