“Goofy, droll, and physically unstoppable (Tricklock Company is) exceptionally talented…stellar work.”
– The Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL

MISSION: Founded in 1993, Tricklock Company, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to supporting new theatrical work, connecting communities, and cultivating international diplomacy through the performing arts.

The Tricklock ensemble has a deep passion for training and creating together, teaching and mentoring, and international artistic exchange through touring and Tricklock’s Global Corridor program and The Revolutions International Theatre Festival. The ensemble works out of the Tricklock Performance Laboratory (lovingly nicknamed TLab,) a flexible-seating black box theatre. TLab is the home of both our studio/performance space and administrative offices, as the ensemble creates and manages all aspects of Tricklock Company. The ensemble often studies the harsher side of humanity in their work, using a variety of styles such as physical story creation, object and shadow puppetry, poetic language, song, and humor to tell these stories. Tricklock has a strong connection to its Albuquerque community, hosting open work demonstrations through its Excavations series, seeking community input in the work. Tricklock’s work is raw, new, and ever changing.

Tricklock Company has performed and taught across the United States and in over 15 countries across the globe, including Uganda, Serbia, Scotland, Poland, Israel, Colombia, and Canada. Tricklock has produced theatrical work from over 30 countries by way of the world-renowned Revolutions International Theatre Festival. Tricklock Company partners with various social justice organizations including Positive Policing, Women’s Resource Center, and New Mexico Arts & Justice Network.



Founded in 1993, Tricklock Company, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to supporting new theatrical work, connecting communities, and cultivating international diplomacy through the performing arts.


VISION: We, Tricklock Company, assert that the arts are a provocative and vital tool for examining the human experience and intrinsic to the evolution of world culture. Tricklock Company believes in the power of ongoing artistic training, international collaboration and cultural exchange, inclusive, equitable, and diverse creative and producing practices, and the capacity of the performing arts to expand possibilities for the world. We present our findings through our work. The mission and vision of Tricklock Company are exemplified through its ongoing programs:

  • The Global Corridor: The Global Corridor opens doors to cultural exchange by connecting people and humanizing world affairs through the performing arts. Exposure to world theatre and culture increases mutual understanding, inspires change, and empowers individuals to improve the overall quality of life for all people. Tricklock Company’s Global Corridor is comprised of several programs which utilize the performing arts as a vehicle to inform and share, creating a stronger experience of global citizenship and healthier communities around the world. Our flagship event, The Revolutions International Theatre Festival, connects people and communities by bringing a broad scope of world theatre to New Mexico, creating a cultural and artistic fusion. The festival features performances, workshops, and gatherings with artists from around the world allowing us to come together to share our uniqueness and similarities.
  • Tricklock Training: The Manoa Project and The Dely Project allow Tricklock teachers to engage with young artists through physical training, devised theatre, and research and writing, amplifying their voices and creating space for their artistic investigations. The Manoa Project is a month long, intensive laboratory comprised of New Mexico high school students which culminates in an ensemble-built production. The Dely Project connects Tricklock students with young artists from around the world for a long distance exchange/collaboration resulting in a free form, theatrical, artistic work-in-progress.
  • New Theatrical Work: Tricklock Company is comprised of a Collective of multi-disciplinary artists who are continually creating new work in the field of the performing arts. Tricklock supports its artists with their work creation, show premiers, national and international touring, and professional development. The Tricklock Collective is made up of a Core Ensemble based in New Mexico as well as artists from around the globe from the United States to Poland to Uganda to Colombia.
  • Connecting Communities: Tricklock partners with various organizations in an effort to create safe, healthy, inclusive, and welcoming communities for all people utilizing theatre through teaching, internships, and reality-based training. Ongoing partners include Positive Policing, The Network for Arts and Justice, the National Hispanic Cultural Center, and the Women’s Resource Center.
“The ensemble specializes in emotional, poetic, and intensely physical performances. The intimate rapport they’ve built up with each other over the years shows and is beautifully expressed by this talented group. No one is pushing the theatrical envelope like Tricklock. The Crown Jewel of the Albuquerque Arts Scene.”
–Weekly Alibi, Albuquerque, New Mexico