Sur Oeste Arte Escenico

Sur Oeste Arte Escenico | MEXICO

11:11 is playing:

October 26th & 27th
Tricklock Performance Laboratory
110 Gold Ave. SE

$10 to $17


11:11 explores the cycle of life and death and the search for meaning in both. Inspired by Jane Alexander’s “African Adventure”, an installation at the Tate Modern Art Museum in London, 11:11 is a multidisciplinary dance performance that reflects the anguish and impotence of the Mexican social, political, and economic environment. Where nothing happens. Where every year is the same. Every day is the same. Every hour and minute is the same. All repeated as an infinite cycle. What is needed to determine if we are animals or human beings, hunters or prey, victim or victimizer? Where do we find the beauty in monotony and passivity?

Reservations are highly recommended! Payment will be taken at the box office prior to the show. We accept cash, personal checks, and credit/debit cards.

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