“Si Viene la Muerte” Album Release Party!

“Si Viene la Muerte” Album Release Party!
ENGINE | Argentina & France

Engine is playing:

March 8th at 8pm
at Fusion Forum
708 1st St NW

ENGINE is Robin Gentien, Alejandro Tomás Rodriguez, Pierre Lauth-Karson, Caro Acuña Olivera, Jefferson Voorhees, and Terry Bluhm

Two guitars. A harmonica. Three voices in harmony. And now drums, percussions, and bass. 

Afro-Latin rhythms, blue notes, rock attitude, and flamenco spirit, fused together in theatrically charged performances that invite audience members to surrender to their inner joy.

Songs ancient and original, poetry provocative and profound, in Spanish, English, and French—ironic and sensitive reflections that disrupt complacency.

Eclectic staging and unexpected choreography that liberate the body and the spirit.

With telepathic complicity, this imaginative Franco-Argentine trio channels the mysterious energies of melody, rhythm, motion, and words to transcend the everyday, penetrate the heart, and open the possibility of ecstatic communion.

This show immediately follows the Revolutions 2019 Kickoff Party!

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