Pop-Up and Playdate: Games

Pop-Up and Playdate: Games

We’ve all got a bit of clown inside!

This event takes place:

November 30
Tricklock Performance Lab
110 Gold Ave. SW

When was the last time you took a break from your job, home, life to just get up and play some group games with no other intention but to have a good time?  Research by the National Institute for Play sites that the US has become an increasingly sedentary nation where human interaction is largely technological. Studies suggest increased play in communities relieves stress, boosts productivity and innovation, and can heal emotional and societal wounds.  Plus, playing is just plain fun!

Join us on November 30th for an hour of hyper playful, fun, group theater games that we learned during our summer tour and training.  You’ll be delighted, surprised, and challenged and by the end of the hour, you’ll be laughing so hard your sides will ache.


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