POLLOCK | USA – March 21, 22


POLLOCK is playing:

March 21st at 4pm
March 22nd at 6pm

Keshet Center for the Arts
4121 Cutler Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Conceived and Directed by Moni Yakim
Performed by Joe Peracchio


From Broadway director and founding member of the Juilliard Drama School, Moni Yakim and Tricklock Company, POLLOCK is a multi-media one-man tour de force play performed by the Founding Artistic Director of both Tricklock Company and The Revolutions International Theatre Festival, Joe Peracchio.

POLLOCK sends the audience on a ferocious and provocative journey through the heart and mind of Jackson Pollock. Set somewhere between the artist’s barn/studio on Long Island, and the vastness of his playful, tormented, and passionate internal world, POLLOCK drags us kicking, laughing, and screaming through the history, memories, dreams, desires, and influences that created this opinionated, childlike, often violent, and always wildly brilliant icon of art.

Taking their cue from the very abstract expressionist movement and Action Painting Pollock made famous, the production team, including music by Grammy & Pulitzer Prize winning jazz musician Ornette Coleman, Emmy Nominated sound designer/composer Gary Stockdale, and award winning designers Jason Mullen (lights), and Alona Weiss (Video), have created a wild ride that delves deeply into the history of and very definition of art through the viewpoints and perspectives of the manic and driven genius himself.

POLLOCK forces us to face searing questions about the role of art within ourselves, and the importance of art and expression to our very sanity as individuals and as a culture

“I’ve learned that art is coming face to face with yourself. Its about truth. And you’ve got to destroy a hell of a lot to get at truth.” Jackson Pollock from POLLOCK 

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