Excavations 2: New Works Series | USA – March 17

Excavations 2: New Works Series

As Tricklock’s signature new works series, Excavations is a chance for audience members to take a sneak peek at what the company is creating, what ensemble members are ruminating on, and ideas echoing through our artistic community. 

These are Pay-What-You-Decide performances. Every donation helps us keep Revolutions International Theatre Festival accessible, and we appreciate your support! 

New Works Series


Excavations 2 – New Works Series
is playing:

March 17th at 7pm
Tricklock Performance Laboratory
110 Gold Ave SW

This is a Pay-What-You-Decide performance.

Parlor Tricks

Concieved by Katie Farmin, Rhiannon Frazier, and Sarin West

Directed by Ash Brown

An experiment in why we feel we need to be in competition with each other. The actors of this show compete to tell the story the way they want to tell it. Each scene is decided by a short game, and the actor who wins gets to decide what scene is next. It’s the American Dream, and there can be only one winner.



Created by Ash Brown

CON/FRONT/ATION is a physical investigation into the various forms in which confrontation takes place. From confrontation amongst individuals and nations, to the elements and the planet , and even the internal life and its external materialization. Confrontation is the action that gives life the opportunity to bring to the surface agendas of nature, the revealing of inner thoughts and human idealism. In reference to humanity this can take the form of arguments between people, battles of religious idealisms, genocides of nations etc; all often with the manipulative and persuasive values of the root syllable–to con. Nature itself does this in reaction to how it is challenged; with natural disasters, ice ages and plagues. How does this breathe in the individual psyche? How does this engage with my body? These are the questions I’m working to discover. Ultimately a never ending task, but one that engages with the pain, enlightens the senses and brings forth ever more humility.

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