EllieIda is playing:

March 12th at 12pm
at North Valley Library
7704 2nd St NW B

March 12th is a free performance and is open to the public. There will be a talk-back with the performers to follow.

March 14th at 7pm
March 16th at 8pm 
at Tricklock Performance Laboratory
110 Gold Ave SW

Tickets for March 14th at 7pm
Tickets for March 16th at 8pm
Created and Performed by Katie Farmin and Rhiannon Frazier
Designed by Genevieve Noel, Grey Blanco and Katherine Keller

Two lives. One act.

EllieIda follows the lives of two fictional comedy icons forced together on the vaudeville circuit. They discover that only one thing will get you through life: the hilarity of it all. Alcohol, assholes, and a couple of pies later they reflect on their friendship, their successes, and what it means to be funny. Eight characters, two actresses and a whole lotta shots.

“Rhiannon Frazier and Katie Farmin are so close to a classical vaudeville duo at times, the electrical charge so nearly attuned, that EllieIda should be required viewing for every self respecting Marxist (Groucho, not Karl) in the greater Chicago area”- Chicago Reader 2016.

Special thanks to Caroline Prugh, The Box Theater and Tricklock Company.

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