DakhaBrakha | Ukraine

dakhabrakha - pilgrims standing in front of a lake

DakhaBrakha | Ukraine

DakhaBrakha is playing:

March 12th
7:30 pm
KiMo Theater

$15 to $25


A shadowy procession to the pounding of drums, to the murmur of a cello, morphs into an anthem, an invocation, a wild and wacky breakdown. Drones and beats, crimson beads and towering black lambs-wool hats all serve as a striking backdrop for an unexpected, refreshingly novel vision of Eastern European roots music. This is the self-proclaimed “ethno-chaos” of Ukraine’s DakhaBrakha, a group that feels both intimately tied to their homeland, yet instantly compelling for international audience.

“We just want people to know our culture exists,” says Marko Halanevych of DakhaBrakha. “We want people to know as much as possible about our corner of the world.”

The quartet does far more than introduce Ukranian music or prove it is alive and well. They craft stunning new sonic worlds for traditional songs, reinventing their heritage with a keen ear for contemporary resonances. With one foot in the urban avant-garde theater scene and one foot in the village life that nurtured and protected Ukraine’s cultural wealth, DakhaBrakha shows the full fury and sensuality of some of Eastern Europe’s most breathtaking folklore.

This event is a co-produced by AMP Concerts and is part of the 2017 Revolutions International Theatre (and Music!) Festival! Passport holders can reserve tickets to this show by calling the Passport Hotline at 505.414.3738.

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