Package Play


created and performed by
Katie Farmin

Package Play is the innovative new theatrical experience by Katie Farmin.

Associate Producer and Digital Management by Bridget Dunne

Audio Editing by Aaron Hendren

What does patience look like? Are any of us really ever alone? Can you wait for the second marshmallow? This theatrical experience asks you to trust yourself and trust your guide as she leads you through a visual meditation on being alone in this strange time of isolation. Receive your package, listen to the words, and let yourself see and hear and feel. And maybe dance…

“Package Play is like a guided meditation you get in the mail that feels like a 4am conversation with your best friend.”

You will need to make a reservation and provide an email where you will receive detailed instructions, and a mailing address where you can receive a small package. Once you receive both, you will want to set aside approx. 30-40 minutes to experience Package Play. It’s best if you’re alone, so be sure to ask for privacy from anyone else you live with. To best appreciate the experience, you will want to use headphones and a mobile device.

You can RSVP anytime here:


Packages will be sent in the order reservations are received.