“Skillfully executed, often hilarious, and bloodthirsty fun. Each of these performers from New Mexico is a hybrid of mime artist, character actor, and clown.”
-The Toronto Star Toronto, Ontario Canada

Since our early years we’ve been interested in pushing the boundaries of how and what theatre is. Devised group creation work, circus training, theatrical experiments in non-theatre spaces, our international collaborations and exchanges with tours and the festival–Tricklock is always invested in the experiment. What can we cook up in our laboratory? How do we continue to play with the 4th wall and push the theatrical envelope? We have some exciting projects in the works and we are dedicating the fall to creation and evolution.

Upon returning from our incredible summer tour, we began working on our planned fall line-up of shows for Season 23, drawing inspiration from our time in Poland and Ukraine and from the intensive and immersive trainings we attended after tour. We have several new shows in development, we have stepped up our ongoing internal training, we are digging into Revolutions 2017, and while traditional theatres launch a season of shows with a set schedule and dates, as we arrived home and dove back into the work we realized a traditional season didn’t seem the way to go.

And then we thought, “When has Tricklock EVER been traditional?”

This fall, we are eschewing tradition and waving goodbye to a “four-week-run-of-a-show” plan. In its place, we are opening our doors to the community in new, dynamic, and personal ways. In short, we are walking our creative edge with a renewed, turbo-fueled, leap-off-the-cliff-spread-our-wings-and-see-how-high-we-can-fly commitment and are passionately excited to share with you the results.

In the spring of 2017, The Revolutions International Theatre Festival will run March 11th-April 1st, and we’ll close out our season with Field Dressing, a new solo show written and performed by Hannah Kauffmann, directed by Juli Hendren, featuring music by Kyle Wayne Ruggles. Be on the lookout for a few excavations performances in late spring–the company always has something new in the works.