The Shortest Shakespeare Ever | Poland – March 28

The Shortest Shakespeare Ever

The Shortest Shakespeare Ever is playing is 15 minute intervals:

March 28th from 12pm – 6pm 
The Box
110 Gold Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Performed by Hubert Michalak
Directed by Alla Maslovskaya
Produced by Tricklock Company


An intimate, personal meeting with Shakespeare’s works on the smallest possible scale: one spectator and one actor.

The whole world is a stage where one is “only” an actor. One appears in the world, takes on various roles – and disappears from the stage.

Which role is the one that is the closest to you? Which one do you identify with the most? Soldier? Schoolgirl? Lover? Someone else?

The performance won’t answer this question for you, but it will help you ask yourself.

“The strength of [the performance] (…) is (…) the relationship generated each time between the performer and the viewer.” Wiktoria Tabaka, “The Artist Is Present”, “Shakespeare Dialy” 

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