Rain Follows The Plow

Excavations: Rain Follows The Plow
Tricklock Company | USA

Participate in the creative process:

March 11th at 5pm
at the Tricklock Performance Laboratory
110 Gold Ave SW


As Tricklock’s signature new works series, Excavations is a chance for audience members to take a sneak peek at what the company is creating, what ensemble members are ruminating on, and ideas echoing through our artistic community. This evening of Excavations will feature a new work in progress by Tricklock Company, with snacks, drinks, and a brief audience talkback after the performance.

Rain Follows The Plow

Directed by Hannah Kauffmann
Performed by Diana Delgado and Drew Morrison

A young couple from the city embark to wide open land in the middle of the country, theirs for the asking–a chance to find a new life away from all they’ve known, a home to build from the ground up, and a baby on the way. When massive clouds of dust swell up from the land and cover the floors and coat their lungs, the failure of the crops and the exhaustion of keeping dirt off the floors drives the two to wonder if the dreams their parents instilled may be impossible when the land itself refuses to sanction them. Told through intimate movement, gesture, poetic text, and object work, Rain Follows The Plow is a story of what it takes to survive against the elements in the face of dwindling hope and altered expectations. It is a story of love, loss, and need, echoing with the question, “how much is enough?

Very special thanks to Erin Phillips.

This is a Tourist Entry show and tickets are just $10! Revolutions Passports are also accepted as payment. Make reservations by calling our Box Office at 505.414.3738 or emailing boxoffice@tricklock.com. 

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