Pinochet, la obra censurada en Dictadura

Pinochet, la obra censurada en Dictadura
Teatro Perro Muerto | Chile

Pinochet is playing:

March 15th at 8pm
March 16th at 8pm 
at the National Hispanic Cultural Center
1701 4th St SW


Directed by Sebastián Sequella
Performed by Valeria Aguilar, Rodrigo Florechaes, Camilo Venegas, Nicolás Calderón
Produced by Victoria Iglesias
Integral Design by Javier Pavez
Audio and Visuals by Paul Osses

A liberal and harsh reconstruction of a 1986 play that involves four influential characters from the dictatorship and how they imagine the future of Chile. Using satire and dark humor, they ask themselves what the transition, a process full of uncertainty and fear, will mean for them. The play talks about power and the dreams of a dominant class as it imagines its place in the future of Chile and compares the vision for the country 30 years ago with what Chile is today.

With a vertiginous pace and provocative language, the Perro Muerto Theater company puts on its own version of this original play, asking itself about history, politics and theater and with a special interest in how power is gained, passed on and spread through society. Pinochet, la obra censurada en dictadura is the company’s first production. Its director, Sebastián Squella, won the Eugenio Guzmán award at the XV Festival for Emerging Directors, organized by the MA in Theatre Directing at the University of Chile.

This is a PASSPORT ENTRY performance and a ticket is required. You may use your Passport or purchase individual tickets at the venue. Reservations are highly recommended and can be made by calling the Revolutions Hotline at 505.414.3738 or emailing

Payment will be taken at the box office prior to the show. We accept cash, personal checks, and credit/debit cards. Passport holders will also call the Passport Hotline at 505.414.3738.

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