Hype Man: A Break Beat Play

"Hype Man" featured in white letters on a balck background, with the silhouette of a rapper in grey

Hype Man: A Break Beat Play

Hype Man: A Break Beat Play is playing:

March 28th at 8pm
March 30th at 8pm 
at South Broadway Cultural Center
1025 Broadway Blvd SE

Tickets for March 28th at 8pm
Tickets for March 30th at 8pm
Written by Idris Goodwin
Directed by Frank Taylor Green 
Pinnacle Evan Wrons
Verb Frank Taylor Green 
Peep One Addison Flores-Thorpe
Produced by Duke City Repertory Theatre


A diverse hip hop trio is on the verge of making it big on national TV, when a police shooting of a Black teen shakes the group to its core, forcing them to confront questions of race, gender, privilege and if/when to use their art as an act of protest. When the Hype Man takes matters into his own hands, the ensuing beef exposes the long buried rifts that divide them. Will it tear them apart or can they find a way to still breathe together?

Hype Man is a complex and challenging treatment of race relations in the U.S.– indispensable viewing in these days of Trump.”- The Arts Fuse

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