And Then…? | Uganda – March 13

And Then…?

And Then…? is playing:

March 13th at 7pm 
National Hispanic Cultural Center – Bank of America Theatre
1701 4th St SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Directed by Dr. Rwangyezi Stephen
Performed by Mugabi Christine, Namusoke Norah, Nassuna Daphine, Akorimo Lamsom, Nahalwana Florence, Ngobi Allan, and Gayita Joseph.


And Then…? looks at our endless quest for happiness. What makes us happy?

At what point will humanity- from the individual, the family, the community, the tribe, the nation, the continent, and indeed the whole world say, “We did it. We have exploited and gathered enough to make us really happy and relaxed?” When will that be? What will it take?

And as we look back at what we have so far done for ourselves, what should we teach our children?

Lead by the world-renowned founder and director Dr. Rwangyezi Stephen, Ndere is a cultural development organization that specializes in Ugandan traditional music, dance and drama. Ndere boasts of a repertoire of over 40 different dances hundreds of songs and a great variety of instruments. Master pieces like Ekitaguriro, Bwola, Embaga, Mwaga, Agwara, Bakisimba/ Nankasa/ Mowogola, Runyege/ Ntogoro, Ding ding, Ekizino, Adungu or Gaze make Ndere Troupe a true specimen of Uganda and Africa. When you have seen Ndere, you have seen Uganda, and when you have seen Uganda, you have seen Africa.

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