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In 2018, we’re taking a huge step toward one of our goals. A Revoutions Festival with no tickets.


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If you’ve been a friend of Tricklock, you know that we are always striving to keep ticket prices low. Since year one of Revolutions, our goal has been to have a cultural festival with no tickets–zero. A festival where everyone has access at all times.

This year, we are taking a huge step toward that goal with a Pay-What-You-Decide (PWYD) entry model one-third of our events, with the hope that this step allows all people, regardless of economic status, to see this incredible work from around the world. We’re going to be honest with you; this year, in 2018, we’re going to take a financial hit. We’re taking it willingly, and we’re taking it because we believe this work and exchange is important. We believe that exposure to the broad spectrum of world theatre can increase mutual understanding among people of all cultures, inspire individuals to create what they envision, and empower entire communities to improve the overall quality of life – deeply – and over the long term, for all people.

Tickets to the 18th Annual Revolutions Festival Entry break down in three ways:

Use your passport as you always have–to make reservations and guarantee entry to Festival performances. You can use a passport punch as your donation entry into a PWYD show and at most special events. Passport Entry shows don’t reqire a Passport, just a reservation and a full price ticket, but Passport sales are essential in supporting the Festival–when you secure your tickets in advance of the Festival, you are giving us a boost when we need it most, when we’re still purchasing airline tickets, food for artists, and providing technical staff stipends! Passport Entry shows include Hollow Roots, ENCOUNTER, a dance-theater by Aparna Sindhoor, Anil Natyaveda and S M Raju, REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN.Pinochet, la obra censurada en Dictadura, and Field Dressing.  Get your passport here today!

These are special events.
Revolutions has several events with special prices and partnering ticket systems. You can use your Passports for most of these events, but others need to be purchased through our partners or at the door–look for details on our website or in the Festival program!  Tourist Entry shows include Mokoomba, ENGINE, Jenny & the Mexicats, all Afropop Worldwide events, Rain Follows The Plow, and The Reptilian Lounge.

These are Pay-What-You-Decide events. While you will need reservations for most of these events, no set amount is due for your seat. We hope we will be encouraged to give before or in the Tricklock tradition of after the show (Did you like what you saw? Give generously!). All Pay-What-You-Decide contributions go directly to support the festival, however if you are not able to donate monetarily, your smile and presence is all we require. Visa Waiver Entry shows include SCRAPS – circus clown cabaret extravaganza, Kittly-Bender, Welcome to Paradise, The Shortest Shakespeare Ever, and Hulyet, hulyet

If you’d like to make reservations for individual shows without a Passport, you’ll do that the regular way–by calling of emailing our box office at 505.414.3738 or 

If you have questions, our Box Office Manager Laura and her lovely staff will be on hand to answer your questions and help you manage your Festival schedule. We are always happy to help you out if you need it. In the meantime, get your passports TODAY!