Evolve Without Borders: A Global Gathering of Intergenerational Artists




Thursday March 16th
– Symposium participants’ arrival and a welcome “meet and greet” gathering.
– Evening performance of Mbare Dreams

Friday March 17th
– Coffee and Welcome
– Session 1 – Who’s in the room
– Lunch
– Workshop session #1 – Ndere Troupe/First Generation Ensemble
-Workshop session #2 -Working Classroom/Penasco Theatre/Jerry Stropnicky
– Performance #1 – First Generation (Tenderness)

Saturday March 18th
-Coffee and Welcome
-Special Guest Speaker: Ty Defoe – The art of Indigenous Storytelling
– Discussion Panels
– Lunch
– Performance #2 – Working Classroom (Solving for X)
– Performance #3 – Peñasco Theatre Collective (The Gaza Monologues)
– Panels and facilitated dialogue
– Complimentary dinner for registered participants

Sunday March 19th
– Farewell breakfast, closure, departure.

Tricklock Company’s 17th Revolutions International Theatre Festival and Theatre Without Borders are teaming up once again to host a three day symposium in March (16-19) 2017. Artists from around the world will converge in Albuquerque, New Mexico to connect, exchange ideas, and find inspiration during the first weekend of the Revolutions Festival.

The symposium will feature performances, workshops, panel discussions, and gatherings. The focus of this year’s intergenerational assembly is: to explore what we need and want to do to keep live performance at the forefront of experiences and discussions of how humanity can thrive.

The goal is to share globally engaged work and create space to exchange our practices.
For artists with decades of experience in the field this is an opportunity to hear, learn from, and support younger artists as well as seeing and valuing their expertise, while offering them access to your own. What is most prominent in the minds and creative spirits of our younger artists and ensembles? How can artists across generations share interests, needs, and support? What are priorities that we as individuals and ensembles at varying stages and ages have as we look at global connection and exchange?

We will explore traditional and non-traditional styles and ideas of process. We will look into the theatre’s unique capacity to explore the unspeakable and unspoken. Along with these discussions and workshops will be the opportunity to see some of the most exciting world theatre happening today, including award winning Ugandan dance/story company Ndere Troupe and Gideon Wabvuta of Zimbabwe.

Attendee registration is filling up fast! If you would like to attend, please rsvp to elsa@tricklock.com. We will email you the logistical information you will need for attending. Upon arrival in Albuquerque, you will receive a welcome packet with maps, schedule, and all the information you need to have an amazing time at the symposium.
We hope you will join us!
The Revolutions International Theatre Festival is co-sponsored by The University of New Mexico and The National Hispanic Cultural Center.

About Theatre Without Borders
Theatre Without Borders is an informal, volunteer, virtual community that shares information and builds connections between individuals and institutions interested in international theatre exchange. Theatre Without Borders was born out of a need to connect artists around the world. Theatre Without Borders advocates for theatre artists who see themselves as members of a global community, as well as citizens of their respective nations and cultures. We plant seeds and watch the plants grow and develop.